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The child should be above 2 ½ years of age to seek admission. We ensure to make good learners by working on the tactile and visual aspects of learning. We encourage children to become independent learners and allow them to exercise their freedom of choice.

Research Centre

In India around 13-14% of school children suffer from learning disorders. The problem with learning disorders is that it may not manifest itself during a child’s early stage of development. Children with LD get admission in a normal school and every year they are promoted as per the routine process. When these children reach class VI or VII they will face difficulties in learning and comprehension which ultimately leads to various issues like being ridiculed by their peers, reprimanded by their teachers and scolded by their parents. The unfortunate result of all this will be expulsion from school which actually happens through no fault of theirs. They become frustrated and bewildered, becoming failures in later life. Ironically, in India the policy related to LD is yet to achieve a breakthrough. The reality is that despite government rules, schools are yet to ensure that children with LD get special support and training. Only a few schools are aware of the problem. On the positive side, an exact assessment of the individual student and timely intervention can help the child in gaining a realistic understanding of his or her disability and the means whereby such disabilities can be overcome successfully. Identifying the exact nature of the disability is important in order to customize the training to the child’s requirements. It is this exigency that prompted Holy Grace Research Centre for Learning Disabilities to undertake the project of finding appropriate solutions to the problems of those suffering from LD. The School takes care to give individual attention and training to each child, thus ensuring that all the children are equally benefitted. In this Herculean effort, Holy Grace Academy is the torch bearer in organizing classes for students with LD and Hyperactive Syndrome. The research centre is enriched with experienced and learned faculty in the respective areas.